St James & St Vedast

Protecting children in the Big Society

…from “Philosophy for Life and Other Dangerous Situations” By Jules Evans Protecting children in the Big Society

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Press & Media Reports Nicholas Debenham interview (BBC Newsnight 1996) Assaults on pupils were ‘harsh and criminal’ (Richmond & Twickenham Times 2006) Parliament Question for Secretary of State for Education on mistreatment of pupils at St. James’ Independent Schools in London (Hansard 2006) Clara Salaman interview – ‘They stole My Parents’ (Guardian 2009) Taste. Smell. […]

Nicholas Debenham & corporal punishment

Nicholas Debenham was the headteacher of St James (seniors) Boys Schools from 1975 to 2004. In 1984 & 1989 St James schools attracted complaints and negative press coverage about excessive physical punishments, including the junior boys school. Debenham promoted his stance as a proponent of corporal punishment in a series of television and newspaper interviews […]

St James & the SES – Media coverage

The first critical newspaper article on the SES appeared in the UK in the Daily Mail in 1968, focusing on secrecy and a cult of obedience. Since then there has been critical media coverage of the SES, its childrens schools, and its sister schools in a number of countries where the SES operates, principly the […]

St James – Leaked critical Governors report

The full extent of management failure and SES control of St James Schools revealed in a confidential internal report. The 1996 St James Report A confidential internal report on St James was leaked and published in 2006, five months after the Townend Inquiry exposed how pupils had been mistreated and “criminally assaulted” in the 1970’s […]

Abraham Lincoln School / Philosophy Day School religious philosophy, New York City, NY

From Hinduism Today ( an online newspaper, April 1995: On behalf of the Abraham Lincoln School, located in New York City, I would like to thank you for your coverage of the activities of the St. James School [January ’95]. Our school, which opened its doors in September 1994, is closely affiliated with the St. […]

St James Independent Schools’ religious philosophy

Frank disclosure of real nature of St James Schools

Channel 4 News report on St James and the SES

Channel 4 News feature on St James Schools and the SES. Social Affairs correspondent Victoria Macdonald interviews former pupils who were abused as well as the current headteacher and a representative from the SES. (2006) Click on the images below for parts 1 & 2 respectively.

The Townend Inquiry into abuse at St James and St Vedast Schools

Here is the full text of the Report of James Townend Q.C into abuse at St James and St Vedast.  The original location of this report is at Click on the image below to open the Report.  It requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader (already installed on most computers).