SES Financial Statements

SES Financial Statements from the Charity Commission for the last 5 years reveal a substantial interest in properties, as most clearly depicted on page 22 of the March 2005 statement:

St Oswald's Studios, London
Sarum Chase, London (sold 2005 for £9,300,000)
83 Brook Green, London
Waterperry, Oxford
Nanpantan Hall, Loughborough
Brinscall Hall, Preston
Chappel Allerton Hall, Leeds
13 Addiscombe Brove, Croydon
18 Chester Street, Edinburgh
265A Portsmouth Road, Guildford
11 Mandeville Place, London
Baker Street, Stockport

Local chapters outside of London have received help with acquiring properties as well, with substantial donations by enthused local members being supported by loans from London out of the Sarum Chase proceeds. Of course, the properties are then all owned by London, so it’s a splendid way to get £100,000’s transferred to London’s coffers.

Some interesting financial information (in £000):

      Courses/      Gifts, legacies                           Current
Year  residentials  and donations     Legacies     Cash       assets
----  ------------  ---------------   --------     -------    --------
2003  1,345.9        134.4                 0         651.5     2,593.6
2004  1,371.8        188.0                 0         393.2     2,320.3
2005  1,369.4        264.8              83.5       8,918.5    10,894.8
2005* 1,200.0        264.8              83.5       8,918.5    10,894.8
2006  1,256.9        348.8               N/A       8,179.2    10,138.0
2007  1,279.6        334.6            >137.0       7,992.0    10,019.6
2008  1,255.9        131.9                ?0       7,685.1     9,754.5
---- * reporting methods altered

Year   fees
----   --------
2003    N/A
2004    N/A
2005    0.7
2006   55.5
2007   83.3
2008   37.0

The accounting method for course/residential income was changed in 2005. The legacies were not independently reported after 2005, but the notes to 2008 indicate a drop in legacies of £137k and in gifts/donations of £65.7k, leading to the inferences in the table above. Interesting bump in legal fees, without further explanation. WATD?

The only mention of the WATD site et al is on page 6 of the March 2006 statements: “During the last year the School has been the subject of criticism and, in certain instances, strident attacks by some former pupils of the St James and former St Vedast Schools and others mainly via the Internet. The original basis of this was complaints by some former pupils, relating mainly to the period 1975-85 that they had been mistreated during their time at school. This led the Governors of the St James Schools to take the decision to arrange an independent inquiry into the complaints, which took place in the latter part of 2005. The Inquiry found that there was evidence of inappropriate punishment and some physical abuse during the period in question, and the Governors have instigated a process of reconciliation. Complainants have associated the School with this situation due to the fact that the children’s schools were effectively set up by parents who were students in the School, the head-teachers and staff were then all students of the School, and the former Leader of the School, Leon MacLaren, was closely involved in formulating the educational policy. The School has offered to assist the process of reconciliation in any way that it can practically do so. It should be stated that the children’s schools now have, and for many years have had a very good reputation in the educational world. The School is concerned that some of the material that has appeared on the Internet is inaccurate and misleading, apparently motivated by malice, and it will take steps to correct such misinformation so far as possible.”

Can others with professional accountancy skills find anything else of interest?

2004:  ses-financial-statement-march-2004

2005:  ses-financial-statement-march-2005 and  ses-summary-information-return-2005

2006:  ses-financial-statement-march-2006 and  ses-summary-information-return-2006

2007:  ses-financial-statement-march-2007 and  ses-summary-information-return-2007

2008:  ses-financial-statement-march-2008 and  ses-summary-information-return-2008

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The inquiries into physical and mental abuse at St V barely scratched the surface.

For an organisation that purports to seek Truth, yes: with a capital ‘T’, this was disingenuous at best.

Under Debenham whole classes were caned, usually 4 strokes each, for ‘disobedience’ in classes by untrained teachers such as Noel Skinner.

Some individual students were caned on an almost weekly basis [Eg: PH], to the extent where it became a black competition to see who got the most strokes in a term.

Debenham did not just use a cane but also an officers ‘swizzle stick’ that he kept in a cupboard in his study along with military hats.

This school and the re-badged St James that came after it are built on lies and the cover up of those lies. The current principal knows that. Debenham knew that, Capper knew that [interesting that Capper lectured on truth and honesty whilst carrying out on affair and subsequently leaving his wife because he could see ‘the light of truth’ in his lover’s eyes, as he told Leon the jazz pianist] and Boddy knows that.
Relocate, re-name, re-spin….. whatever: if these are the people you think can be trusted with your children, god help you because this school won’t.

It’s all marketing, so I guess Boddy is the perfect principal, without principles.

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